About Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences has been active online since 2009. Our business is all about helping dogs live happier, more grounded and balanced lives, through the design and sales of our “canine behavior support” flower essence formulas, and through sound, solid, practical dog training tips and behavior advice. These natural formulas gently restore balance to extreme and out-of-balance emotions that can contribute to problem behavior in dogs. Aldaron Essences’ formulas are original blends, each conceived, developed, and hand-blended by long-time professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, using traditional English (Bach) and North American flower remedies. Julie’s nearly 25 years of dog training and behavior experience is reflected in Aldaron's uniquely effective flower remedy formulations.

At Aldaron Essences, we are devoted to helping improve dogs’ lives through:

  • Development of flower essence formulas for a wide variety of dog behavior problems.
  • Promotion of a greater awareness of the utility of flower essences in positively effecting training and behavior outcomes when working with emotion-influenced behaviors.
  • Commitment to providing helpful, quality products and sincere, respectful information, guidance and encouragement to dog owners and enthusiasts, and canine behavior, training, and wellness professionals seeking healthy ways to restore or enhance harmony between dogs and their families.


 About Julie

A professional dog trainer since 1990, Julie Cantrell is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has over 25 years experience training thousands of dogs and working with all types of behavior issues. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, with special interest in animal behavior and natural history. Flower essences have been an integral part of Julie's world and work since 1994.

Julie considers herself a dog trainer first and foremost. She has taught untold hours of pet manners and obedience classes at the puppy, basic, advanced, and off-leash levels; AKC Obedience and Rally competition classes; and tricks and non-competitive agility classes. Before working as a private trainer/consultant, she trained dogs and mentored future dog trainers for several years a large Board & Train facility. As far as her own dogs, she and her Belgian Sheepdogs love to learn together -  they train and compete in AKC Obedience, Rally, and occasionally conformation. Julie hopes to be ready to trial in AKC tracking soon. Their less structured activities include learning tricks, playing Frisbee, and hiking in the mountains.

Julie currently consults with dog trainers, behavior consultants, and pet owners across the US, Canada, and beyond on dog behavior, training, and the use of flower essence therapy to help resolve behavior issues.