Vervain Flower Essence for Dogs

by Julie Cantrell BSc CDBC

Intense, high strung, impulsive dogs can be such fun to train and work with, but they can easily get "over the top". Frustration behaviors, blasting through life without thinking, and an overly serious-mindset can all be remedied with Vervain Bach flower essence.

The Vervain Personality

When in balance, the Vervain personality is idealistic, energetic, self-contained, and tolerant of the ideas and wishes of others. They tend to respond with great enthusiasm. When out of balance, the Vervain type can become fanatical, hyperactive, overly serious, and uptight, with a “my way or the highway” attitude.

Dr Bach considered Vervain one of the “Twelve Personalities” that his remedies helped.

Bach’s description:

“Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and which they very rarely change. They have a great wish to convert all around them to their own view of life. They are strong of will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things that they wish to teach. In illness they struggle on long after many would have given up their duties.”

Courage, strong will, perseverance: I don’t know about you, but that pretty much describes my idea of the perfect working dog!

Use of Vervain in Dogs

Vervain Bach flower essence restores restraint in dogs that are overly intense, exuberant or impulsive -- without reducing drive or work ethic. Pushy, hyper, overwhelming dogs that never stop, that can’t seem to get adequate exercise will benefit from Vervain. If your dog is high strung, mentally or physically, Vervain can help temper excessive “nerves” in this kind of dog.

Common Supporting Essences

Vine – to help tone down bossiness in strongly opinionated Vervain types.

Chicory – to reduce unhealthy expressions of attachment in the dog that makes her owner the object of her intensity.

Impatiens – to improve patience and cooperation in over-zealous dogs.

Oak – to build emotional stamina in high-strung dogs that over-extend themselves.

Wild Rose – to lighten up the overly driven nature of the Vervain type and help them enjoy life a little!

Aldaron Essences’ Formulas Featuring Vervain Bach Flower Essence

Vervain flower essence is one of the more important remedies we use at Aldaron Essences. Its role in restoring appropriate restraint and enthusiasm in pushy, intense, impulsive, over-the-top dogs makes it a crucial flower remedy in our  Hyper-DriveHigh AnxietyModeration, and Dominance & Territoriality formulas for dogs. You can also include Vervain in a Design Your Own Formula and have us mix it for you! 

Hyper-Drive for dogs

Hyper-Drive - for over-stimulation and over-arousal 

Hyper-Drive flower essence formula for dogs improves impulse control, increases patience, and heightens the ability to be calmly, thoughtfully self-contained in the face of distractions. Hyper-Drive is an excellent choice for the high-powered performance dog who simply gets too over-aroused while training or trialing to think and perform precisely and calmly. A very good choice, also, for any dog that struggles with over-stimulation and impulse control.

High Anxiety for dogs

High Anxiety - fear & anxiety relief for responsible, "on the job" type dogs 

High Anxiety flower essence blend restores balance to intense, overly driven, always "on the job" dogs that need extra confidence, courage, and self-assurance. A good choice for frustration-driven reactivity intensified by fear or anxiety. High Anxiety is an ideal formula for the highly intelligent and observant dog that feels obligated to keep track of (and often control of) every aspect of their environment. 

Moderation for dogs

Moderation - for overbearing, controlling, easily-aggravated dogs 

Our best-selling Moderation flower essence formula helps overbearing dogs with domineering personality traits that are quick to act out if "their rules" are broken. These are typically bossy, controlling dogs that may feel the need to regularly put everyone (or a select few) around them in their place. One of our most consistently successful formulas!

Dominance & Territoriality for dogs

Dominance & Territoriality - for bossy, bullying, domineering behavior

Dominance & Territoriality flower essence formula for dominant, bullying dogs : reduces bossy, over-assertive, challenging, confrontational behavior in dogs. This blend of natural flower remedies helps balance the confident, domineering dog who is very in-control of his actions, who thinks s/he should be in control of everyone else's, too. Dominance & Territoriality tones down bossy, bratty, and even forceful challenging of authority - without diminishing the positive natural leadership qualities of high-status ("alpha type") dogs.

Design Your Own flower essence blend

Design Your Own blend of Bach flower essences

Of course, you can always choose your own essences and have us combine it for you! Aldaron Essences has a growing library of Bach flower remedy guides to help with specific dog behavior issues and situations. Or pick from the general essence descriptions on the Design Your Own page. 

I hope you enjoyed this profile of the Bach flower essence Vervain. If you did, will you do me a favor and share with your friends? Many thanks!


Julie Cantrell BSc CDBC
Owner, Aldaron Essences LLC