Dropper or Sprayer?

Dropper or Sprayer? 


Not sure whether to choose an Aldaron Essences formula in dropper bottle or fine mist sprayer? Here are some points to consider. 


Dropper and Sprayer are equally effective. 

Ease of Use

Dropper: Easy to administer orally to most dogs; easy to add to food and water bowl.

Sprayer: Very easy to use in "on the go" and one-handed situations.

Contamination issues

Dropper: In order to avoid reducing the shelf life as well as overall effectiveness of the formula, care must be taken to avoid touching the dropper itself to anything outside the bottle. This includes the dog’s mouth, your fingertip, a counter top, etc. Dropper must be washed and rinsed well if this happens.

Sprayer: Because the sprayer is on the outside of the bottle, and away from the formula, there is very little chance of reducing the formula effectiveness by introducing contaminants.

Oral administration

Dropper: Open the dog's mouth, with the head tilted slightly back, and drop the drops in from above.

Sprayer: Lift the dog's upper lip at the side of the mouth, and spray directly onto the gum. Or, you may open the dog's mouth and spray the inside.

Alternatives to oral administration

Dropper: As an alternative or addition to giving the formula into the mouth, a drop or two of the formula can be applied onto your hands, and rubbed around the dog’s head, or onto a finger, and rubbed into the gums or onto the skin.

Sprayer: As an alternative or addition to giving the formula into the mouth, you can spray the formula directly onto a snack, treat, or your dog's food. Some people like to mist around the dog’s head or environment (bedding, crate, etc).


Dropper: Care must be taken to avoid tipping or knocking over the bottle while a dose is being administered.

Sprayer: Formula won't spill out if bottle is tipped or knocked over while a dose is being administered.


Dropper: Dropper will generally last the life of the formula.

Sprayer: Every once in a great while, the sprayer gives out before the formula is used up. If this happens, contact me for a replacement sprayer. 


Dropper: Should be used with caution around snappy, grabby, reactive dogs or pups who might bite at the dropper and shatter the glass. While I have never had this happen, it is a possibility, so please, know your own dog. 

Sprayer: Some dogs may be startled by the sound and/or suddenness of the spritz in their mouths. In my experience, most dogs will acclimate after a few days, if the owner is matter of fact about administration, and praises calm, cooperative behavior.

However, to avoid creating an unpleasant association, before actually spraying the formula into your dog's mouth or gums, spray the mist near your dog (pointed away, not toward him) a couple of times, to allow him to get used to the sound.

Sensitive dogs may need this procedure repeated the first few times the formula is given.