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What people are saying about Aldaron Essences:


"Working with Julie has been a great benefit to my clients in Southern California. Her expertise utilizing flower essence therapy to assist in behavior modification has provided me with insight into a world that I have little knowledge of. I have been able to work with my local veterinarians and tell them the benefits of Julie's work.

Several of my clients have had success with her products during the initial phases of Behavior Modification Training. It allowed for the dogs to calm down and relax in their environment so that we were able to begin to make little successes!

Julie, thank you for being a great support to me and being there for my clients."

Barbara Johnson, CPDT-KA, PDT
Oak Park, California


"I have been using your Calm formula for my 3 year old Labrador. She is rather excitable and likes to jump on people. I have noticed a difference in her when I use this formula. In fact, the other day I had about 10 ladies here for an event and was really worried about how my Lab would behave. I gave her a few drops per day for a few days before and then the morning of the event. She was so good I couldn't believe it! I definitely will be keeping a supply on hand for her and would also recommend it to people if their dogs need a little "calm" in their life."

Sandy Kemp, Certified Canine Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner
K-9 Comfort Touch
Northeast Pennsylvania


"We are delighted at the results both with the Moderation formula and the Renew formula".

Curtiss Lanham, BS, CPDT-KA
Dogsmart Dog Training
Fulshear, TX


"Whistle (Standard Poodle) is my “problem child” – a dog I bred and raised but who was so over the top that I kept him, knowing that if I had sent him to a new home he would have been back with me in a week. He combined huge quantities of energy and drive (to a point where it was difficult for him to relax and settle down) with a mistrust of people and other dogs and near panic in new situations. I had bred many litters of Standard Poodles over the years, basically line bred with some outcrosses and had always had wonderful, stable temperaments, so this was quite a surprise. Careful handling and training helped, but he was still reactive and ready to fight with his housemates and glassy-eyed and with his tail tucked between his legs in trial settings. He enjoyed working and knows tons of “stuff” but could not perform up to his training in trials.

Because his housemates were old and I was upset by his bullying them, the emphasis of the first remedy was on helping him with issues of self control and even-temperedness. The results were amazing within a very short time. He was much less “jumpy” and there were virtually no incidents with his dog family. Since he was still finding it hard to perform in trial settings, although he was better than he had been, the second formulation added components for courage and concentration.

Right now he goes up to people on his own, can walk through a group of dogs without losing his cool, is much more relaxed at home, and has earned his APDT Rally ARCH title with tail up and good attention to me in the ring. At a recent agility trial he was at the start line and the young ridgeback who was just finishing the course caught sight of him and bounded across the ring before his handler could catch him, bounced up to Whistle, play bowed and barked and determinedly tried to get around me as I kept putting myself between him and my dog. I can’t say that Whistle was thrilled, but as soon as the ridgeback was under wraps, he ran the course happily and with good concentration!

It is hard to describe the difference Bach flower essences have made in Whistle’s life. Keeping in mind that I didn’t start using them until he was 7, with many long standing issues, it is really remarkable."

Ann Mandelbaum CPDT-KA
Woodbury, Connecticut


"As a student and active participant in the fields of mathematics and research biology, I am naturally skeptical of ideas or products that lack support from studies that the scientific community would consider valid. Therefore, I was initially hesitant to use flower essences as a tool for behavioral modification; however, realizing there are many things yet to be explored by science, I decided to give it a try in decreasing my Collie’s anxiety and increasing her confidence in unfamiliar environments. After two weeks of daily doses of a custom flower essence formula, I took Tootsie, my Collie, to a place that consistently triggered an irreversible flight response in the past. She was unsure this time but willing to explore her surroundings—a big step for her! I rewarded this behavior. Over the next couple weeks we continued using the formula, visiting new environments, and rewarding desired behavior. Tootsie went from being fearful and anxious in new situations to wanting to explore the surroundings. We no longer have to use the formula, and she is now confident in new environments, and, if something spooks her, she recovers quickly making it possible to reward her for the recovery. Although the mechanism is a mystery to me, it seems that Julie’s formulas are capable of increasing desired behaviors and decreasing undesired behaviors. This, coupled with positive reinforcement, allows one to effectively communicate with their dog when training methods alone are not enough."

Andrew Nelson 2010 Graduate, Biology and Mathematics, West Virginia University
Owner, The Clever Canine
Morgantown WV


"I refer my behavioral clients to Julie for custom blend flower essence formulas and I hear nothing but good feedback. Julie is a phenomenal trainer with an extraordinary attention to detail and she brings this experience to her formulas. Her work is a gift."

Lisa Lucas, CPDT-KA
Northern Tails Dog Training
Eastern Washington


"Especially after many years of panic and fear, it is absolutely amazing that just three days of Poise would help our dog to not only be confident, but to be confident in very stressful situations. But she was more than confident. She actually attempted to engage people and other dogs! It is such a joy to see her so much more comfortable."

Audrey A. Tucker, CPDT-KA, CBC, CMT
Pet Education and Therapy, LLC
Newington, Connecticut


"I have been using a flower essence formula that Julie designed for Bandit my border collie, and have had such success with it. We have not had an aggressive issue since we started using it. I am also managing the reactivity and aggression and setting him up for success. I am also working on training as well. In the meantime I have noticed that he is calmer and more focused. We just did our first Canine Freestyle Routine and I can tell that his attention is much better as well. I would recommend Julie and to clients, friends, and other trainers."

Pamela Johnson, CPDT-KA
Pam's Dog Academy
San Diego, CA


"Julie, I just wanted to write and thank you for helping out with Katie. Just in case you don't remember, Katie is a miniature dachshund who was afraid of everyone and everything but me. It took her weeks to get comfortable with me and that was only after I cornered her to pick her up and suffered a couple of good bites in the process. Katie was a year old when I got her. I tried many of the traditional routes to get her more comfortable with other people and places but nothing worked with much success. She, in her fear, had snapped at several people and I was worried that she was going to really hurt someone. During one of your obedience classes (that I brought another dachshund to) I heard you talking about the Bach Flower Essences and asked you to try with Katie.

After about a week of giving her the drops you had recommended I noticed a big difference in Katie. She was still nervous around other people but as long as I was there she would allow them to pet her and after a couple of weeks she let my neighbor pick her up. I kept her on the flower essences for a couple of months and no more snapping or biting or fleeing in terror and now though she will never be the world's friendliest dog she is much calmer and less afraid of other people. Thanks again."

Kay Blose
Irish Dreams Dachshunds and Dachshund Rescue


"We have two beautiful Shiba Inus. The first came to us through Tri State Shiba Inu Rescue in Ohio, and our more recent addition we adopted locally. Our younger Shiba, a male, was extremely jumpy and would startle at the slightest sound so Julie suggested we try her “Very Scary Things” formula. It has helped him tremendously, but the more remarkable result was an unintended yet welcome surprise. Our older Shiba, a female, will become anxious and agitated frequently for no apparent reason. Since both dogs share their water bowls we were adding the formula to the water for our little boy. Before long we realized our girl was not acting agitated as frequently or severely as before. She was benefiting from just the formula in the water so we began giving it to her regularly as well. The results for both have been wonderful. Thanks Julie."

Ken and Linda Treadway
Midway, WV


"I was referred to Julie by my doggie guru Lisa Lucas. I trust Lisa impeccably so was anxious to connect with Julie. I have a Dal that is very 'mental'. Particularly w/o a 2-4 hour run every day. I gave Julie the information regarding his concerns & the formula helped. It was not a 'wow' factor... it was gradual, but he seems to respond easily to it now...on occasion, when he needs it. I use Bach Flower Essences myself & have always found them of benefit & having them formulated specifically for you or your animal is a bonus. I'm having Julie mix something for me as I write this. She is a knowledgeable, attentive, concerned & thorough individual & I'm glad I was introduced. Thanks so much Julie."

Kathleen Hambrook
Spokane WA


"Hey Julie, the new herbal formula you made for my dog Manni is helping a lot. He is more affectionate and both my parents have noticed a positive good difference in him. Thank you so very much again! I'm giving him a dose 3x a day. I'm going to try to get stocked up on his herbal remedie - don't ever want to run out. Thank you again and have a great day!"

Jonimarie Whiting
Spokane WA


"Hi Julie - I wanted to touch base with you on Sassy's progress with the custom formula you made for her. She is really doing SO well. I can not even begin to tell you all the wonderful changes. I really feel like she is slowly becoming the dog she was before her “change”(*see below*). I am thrilled with results so far.

The first week proved to show GREAT changes and good stuff is continuing to happen slowly.

She doesn’t seem as sensitive to sound or car rides. Sassy has not had a panic attack in the truck AT ALL since starting on the Essences. The first week on the formula, she kept her tail up for the whole car ride! She isn’t perfect in either of those areas but MUCH improved.

Her energy level is WAY up; her appetite is beyond increased; she is way more confident, extremely more affectionate. She is just overall more relaxed with daily routine at home.

Her relationship with the other dogs in our household is much improved. She is confident in her play now which she wasn’t ever before. For instance: Torch and Sassy have been playing daily and she is standing up for herself and play is much more balanced. Sass is much more confident in play and will even now stand up for herself if she has a toy. Before Sassy would just drop a toy if any of the dogs even remotely looked at her, now she will start running and engage them to chase her.

She is able to live a “normal” life at home now which is HUGE HUGE HUGE!! The only time when we see concern at home is when someone comes to visit. Other than visitors, she is really MUCH improved. We don’t have company often either. Last week, my Dad came to visit. Sassy had not seen him for 6 months. (My parents live in Florida so she only sees my dad about 4 times a year.) She was VERY afraid of him when he arrived. However, Day 2 of his visit she was a bit more relaxed and on Day 3 completely and totally fine with my Dad.

Outside the home, she is improved but of course not as much as home.

When we went to a trial a few weeks ago, she was able to be relaxed in her crate WITHOUT it being covered and did amazingly well at the hotel. The trial site was VERY large and lots of open space. She was MUCH more relaxed than normal. She had one of the best days competing she has had in a long time. The judge even commented which was great. She has seen Sass compete before and saw improvement. She seems to be able to handle strangers and crowds much better when the space is more open. Crowds of people and men in general still seem to be very scary. She still has the fear reaction, but her recovery is improved.

She has also made 2 new human friends which is HUGE. She is finally getting relaxed enough when off leash to warm up to people…HOORAY. The 2 new friends that she warmed up completely to are both people she has known for OVER a year and for the first time finally was totally relaxed with both. One friend was someone who came to our house and the other was a friend who she warmed up to during a trial weekend when we went for a walk together. She was amazingly relaxed, happy and confident with both of them which I have NEVER seen before except for people she knew before “the change”.

THANK YOU for everything. She is really doing SO well. I can not even begin to tell you all the wonderful changes. I really feel like she is slowly becoming the dog she was before her change. I am thrilled to see her so happy."

Courtney Huther
Life's Ruff K9
Milford, NJ

[* Sassy experienced a dramatic personality change at approximately 10 months old, after undergoing a routine medical procedure, becoming profoundly fearful in certain situations, virtually overnight.]


"Dear Julie, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The first “Thank You” is for Bentley. His nervous breakdown of sorts made him incapable of functioning in situations that once were routine. From getting out of the car in new places to being able to get through his Rally Class without freaking out over the sound of a truck passing the building. He was the reason I contacted you. Since working with you and coming up with the perfect “formula” (I actually call them “solutions” because they have solved many a problem) he is now back to his over the top goofy Golden self!

The second “Thank You” is for Dixie. Dixie has been fear aggressive for most of her life. She won’t let people into the house and finds most everything worrisome. She also had a tendency to be aloof. With your help and your “solutions” she now stays by me and has become so much more affectionate and with a reactivated behavior modification program has let three new people into the house with her tail wagging.

The third “Thank You” is from my clients. As a Certified Dog Trainer and a TTouch Practitioner I am always in the midst of problem behaviors that are rooted in an imbalance of emotions. Having seen the results with my dogs my clients feel very safe in contacting you. As a team we get such a pleasure seeing their dogs with your formulas get back to a place where they can think and be the best at being themselves. With my deepest appreciation, Julie Devlin Wassell."

Julie Devlin Wassell CPDT-KA, TTCAP
New Leash on Life Mindful Dog Training
Clifton, New Jersey


“Hi Julie! I wanted to let you know your essences have helped so much. My dachshund had terrible separation anxiety and the essences really helped him. He's a rescue and was abandoned by his first owner. We've been working really hard to make him feel more comfortable and to settle in knowing he'll always be taken care of. Combined with the training I've been doing with him, my little guy is back to his happy relaxed self and is more relaxed than he's ever been before. I put a few drops of Calm in his water and also give him a few drops of I'll Be Back on a treat before I leave the house. Works like a charm. Thank you SO much! Your essences really help take the edge off and make his other training more effective.”

Christa Avampato
New York, New York


Dear Julie, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my two German Shepherds to become more balanced, happier individuals. Your compassion, sensitivity, and insight have been invaluable. Not only have you helped my two dogs, but you have helped me to become a better guardian for them.

I learned so much from your initial questionnaire, and then went on to learn even more from your choice of remedies and your behavior and teaching suggestions. You were right on target with everything, and both healing and change for the better was immediately apparent. I appreciate, also, that you gave me a direction to move in with both dogs. In fact, the generousness of your consultation far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I wish I had another dog so I could work with you again!

Again, thanks so much for offering this service. I will recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat.

Emma Duvefelt
Nurse Practitioner, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner
Caribou, Maine


"Julie, my 2.5 year old hyper Lab boy got his first Senior (intermediate level) pass this weekend. I've been trying so hard to be a positive trainer in a punishment-based field world and almost giving up. But this Sunday with help from Hyper-Drive to take the edge off his out of control drive for birds he did it. And in a test where many pro dog trainers were complaining and several didn't pass. I am thrilled! I will be buying this by the gallon instead of two ounces. It gives him the "settle" enough to listen for teaching/ training. And for holding himself together in the field and listening to directions from the other half of the team."

Terry Lynn Cuyler CPDT-KA
Pawsitive Results In Home Dog Training
Lake Mary, Florida


"Julie! I am flabbergasted by Envy's progress!! She is working through her stress in a much calmer manner. She didn't care about the other dogs. Didn't even really notice them. Our turn in the ring she did zoom around but came back and focused. NO TOMFOOLERY!!! Each run was better then the next and in Gamblers I actually thought we cued till I found out she missed a contact (which I totally made her do in my excitement)

I have a newfound confidence, as does she. We will continue on and have entered 3 more trials. And while I know there is still potential for crazy behavior I know we have made HUGE strides in correcting them and she will only continue to gain confidence and improve, when she realizes nothing is out to get her.

I'm not quite finished with this bottle [of custom flower essence formula]. But if you have any specific questions in order to see if we should tweak the next batch please let me know.

Thank you so much!!!"

Erica Green
Waynesboro, PA


"I am a dog trainer/behavior consultant and am currently working with a 7yo female rescue German Shepherd who paced whenever a family member came to visit (people that she knew) and barked continuously at anyone else. Each time I was there, the owner and I sat at the dining room table which had a sliding door to the yard, where the dog barked continuously at me through the slider and urinated at least ten times during our sessions. Very agitated.

We had done three lessons, and the dog had improved, but I suggested that she try a product that was new to me, Aldaron Essences Fear and Suspicion. The results were dramatic.

Our last session was last Saturday, and the owner began spraying the essence around her dog only two days prior, on Thursday. Earlier on Saturday, there had been a carpet cleaning crew at her house. The dog was put outside during the cleaning, barked once, and went to sleep in her doghouse. When I arrived for our lesson, she did not even get up to bark, even though she could hear us talking. She came to the sliding door once while I was there, barked (out of habit, I think), walked around the yard with a relaxed stance, and then went back to her doghouse. I was astonished.

The owner asked if we could take her out for a walk, which had been almost impossible because the dog dragged her down the street. The walk began with this behavior, which we worked on, and she settled down to a loose leash walk within about ten minutes. Amazing.

The owner wanted to know if she could bring her dog to my obedience class the next day, Sunday, (which was the first class in the series and is usually crazy because neither the dogs or the owners have the necessary skills at that point), and I said okay with the caveat that we would see what her behavior was and if she was disruptive or aggressive, she would have to leave. She wasn't. In fact, for the *very first time* -- in a strange place with dogs and people she did not know -- she sat. I couldn't believe it. At the third class, she lay down!

I have been using some of the other essences on my own dogs with slow, steady improvement for each of the dogs. So the effect is not the same on all dogs. None of the dogs exhibit any symptoms of being drugged. The essences simply "take the edge off" and allow relaxation and learning to take place.

I highly recommend Aldaron Essences , will continue to use them, and incorporate them into my behavior plans for clients." 

Caryl Wolff, BA, CPDT-KA
#2020438, NADOI#1043E, CDBC#087, PDT, PDBC APDT#1169, IACP#2518, AABP #042, AKC CGC Evaluator #10871
Los Angeles, CA Dog & Puppy Training


"All the agonizing itching had taken its toll on my dog Gracie, emotionally. The nonstop circle of itching had made her a nervous wreck. Prior to adding the "Design Your Own Formula", Gracie was rarely comfortable with just laying down and relaxing. It's been two days since her first dose. There’s no constant shake-shake-shaking of her fur every few minutes, no lip smacking because she can't get at her body and she doesn't jump at every little sound. As I write, she is peaceful which means I am peaceful. With the added help of Bach remedies, she is a much calmer dog and that makes for a much happier life for the both of us. Many thanks for the concerned guidance of Julie and her company Aldaron Essences. It was perfect timing in finding Julie and I will continue to work with her as is needed for her itchiness, separation anxiety and noise phobias. I highly recommend Julie and the Bach remedies on this site."

Vanessa and Gracie
Spring, TX